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World’s first living robots can now reproduce

2021.11.29 23:09 AIandRobotics_Bot World’s first living robots can now reproduce

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2021.11.29 23:09 fightrunner Gifts for coaches

‘Tis the season! What are you all getting your coaches/SA’s/SM’s for Christmas?
I take classes at a few studios in my city. Mostly because some of my favorite coaches don’t coach at my home studio, so I wanted to do a big goodie basket for my home studio and smaller individual gifts for the coaches at my non-home studio.
What about you guys?
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2021.11.29 23:09 its_riptide ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR monitor BLURRY AND COLORS LOOK WASHED OUT

I just got a ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR monitor and it looks like the colors are washed out and it has a little blur on everything and it just doesn't look as good as my old monitor the ASUS VG278 144Hz does anyone know a fix or some good settings for the monitor? I really need help I tried returning this monitor and I got another one but colors still just don't look good to me.
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2021.11.29 23:09 ThaProtege All good things start with a kiss

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2021.11.29 23:09 0s0rc Philip Goff podcast

Just found he has a podcast called Mind Chat. Here's the description:
Philip Goff is a philosopher who thinks consciousness pervades the universe. Keith Frankish is a philosopher who thinks consciousness* doesn't even exist. From their very different perspectives, Keith and Philip interview leading scientists and philosophers of consciousness, engaging and debating in a friendly way in pursuit of truth. Mind Chat aims to be highly accessible, allowing those with no background in science and/or philosophy to get a grip on the cutting edge of the field. (To be more precise, Keith thinks *phenomenal consciousness doesn't exist; listen to find out what this is.)
Latest two episodes have Sean Carroll and Anil Seth featuring. That's audio for my next few runs sorted.
Relevant because philosophy of mind and podcasting. Thought some of you guys might enjoy this. He's good on Rogan and imma get his book which iirc has a blurb from Anika Harris on the cover.
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2021.11.29 23:09 Expert-Luck-3158 UDM with Amplifi

Hi all.
I'm interested in the security features of the UDM but in our rented house the amplifi mesh is far more practical.
If I connect the UDM to my modem via WAN, and then to the Amplifi router (in bridge mode) via LAN, do I get the best of both worlds?
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2021.11.29 23:09 Acooustic Fasting

Hello everyone! Would you recommend fasting? If so(for how long, what should I be careful with/about, how hard is it ok to workout, are there negative side effects, what are the benefits, will it affect my ability to study and do normal stuff, also how do I get back into eating as optimally as possible after the fast(which foods do you suggest for optimal body and cognitive function besides keto)). Thank you!
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2021.11.29 23:09 ItsZippy23 A.B. 77: More People at Museums Act

More People at Museums Act Whereas museums provide an effective way to help learn
Whereas museums teach critical thinking skills and other important skills
Whereas more people should visit museums
Be it enacted by the Assembly of the Commonwealth of the Atlantic assembled,*
Section I: Short Title
(a) This piece of legislation shall be referred to as “More People at Museums Act”.
Section II: Definitions
(a) “museums” shall refer to a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.
Section III: Content
(a) Every single weekend, all publicly owned museums shall charge no fees for admission and shall be free for every single resident of the Atlantic Commonwealth.
(b) For people who don’t live in the Atlantic Commonwealth, fares in all publicly owned museums shall be reduced by 50%.
Section V: Implementation
(a) This act will go into effect on August 1, 2021.
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2021.11.29 23:09 no_juststop Malicious women using feminism as a mask to abuse men on a mass scale

These women pose as progressive feminists when in reality there nothing more than abusive misandrist women who want to abuse men and take their power away because these women feel powerless. They are not real feminists as they embody the complete opposite of what feminism actually is, they are misandrists who want to hurt and abuse men while using the facade of a caring woman whos fighting for equality when in reality people are just falling for her abusive manipulative tactics. The indian government is one of the dumbest governments in the world and this leaves room for corrupt individuals to operate and sow hatred and misery whether that individual is a man or a woman or whether they are misogynistic or misandrists.
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2021.11.29 23:09 Enderman2dx i don’t think i can 100%

I was playing on switch at the place where you go through this segment avoiding a giant bird monster (i think it was the feeding grounds) and my game glitched out to the point that the bird monster itself vanished. I got to the end of it without the bird, but I skipped a part of that segment and now the map has a incomplete spot that i can’t access because i die before reaching it.
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2021.11.29 23:09 Accomplished-Heat-59 Mystic Force is out,vote for the next series to go

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2021.11.29 23:09 theoneforugly My ass is in absolute shambles. Any advice?

Hi everyone! There are three pictures of my ass on the internet, so I'm using a throwaway account is because of that! I'm also aware of how insanely embarrassing this is, but I don't have anyone to ask IRL so this is my only option.
So, my ass looks like a lovecraftian monster. There's...a lot that's not pleasing to the eye, but I think it's mainly the excessive amount of hyperpigmentation around the, uh, brown eye. Apparently, people that deal with this type of hyperpigmentation either struggle with weight or have pre/diabetes, but I think it's purely genetic in my case because I don't struggle with those two things (my BMI is in the healthy range and all my bloodwork looks good). It's also apparently more common in POC (I'm Arab). I've never, ever, seen an ass that looks like mine on the internet, so there must be something wrong. Does anyone else struggle with this? If so, does anal bleaching help? Professional anal bleaching treatments are off the table for me, but I'm down to use skincare products if anyone has any suggestions.
There's also the stretch marks that are...everywhere, but that's one thing I absolutely cannot do anything about so I've learned to accept them. Again, I've never really struggled with weight, so I'm really not sure why there's an excessive amount of them, but it is what it is.
Nobody I've slept with has had any issues with it (I've only ever slept with 3 people though), but I'm really self-conscious about it. Everyone on the internet seems to have a perfectly nice ass (and I'm not talking about porn/OF stars, just regular people on places like Reddit). Mine just looks...sad, especially for a 21 year old.
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2021.11.29 23:09 Friendly_Tale_6330 Trippie leak out go bump rn

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2021.11.29 23:09 Maijalem Can people with Aphantasia get IEPs?

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2021.11.29 23:09 Just_curiousarl90 Unsatified....

Unsatisfied...., I'm just so unsatisfied with the intimacy side of my marriage. I have tried to explain to my husband what I need from him but still no change. He has been really busy and stressed at work, so maybe that's why. But I would think he would enjoy being with me more. Idk what to do. There is literally no romance, no spark, no effort on his part. Even sex is so unsatisfying and he doesn't like to use toys with me. I'm so frustrated, all I can do is cry. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I KNOW something needs to change. Any advice is so welcomed!
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2021.11.29 23:09 EdwinCalvin Test Bank For Living Theatre A History of Theatre 7th Edition By Edwin Wilson Alvin Goldfarb

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2021.11.29 23:09 Fair_Pop1627 🎄 Cute Santa | 1000x potential 🚀 | Just Launched | Experienced Team | 7% DOGE rewards 🎁 | Anti-Whale | Dont Miss out !!!

What is Cute Santa?

Cute Santa is a reward token. Every 60 minutes, DOGE dividends will be sent to your wallet, if you hold at least 200,000 tokens. You can also manually claim your dividends in the main contract. Also each transaction you make will automatically claim your dividends. The longer you hold the more you earn!

A max wallet of 3% and max transaction of 1% allows us to prevent big wallets and dumps. The initial liquidity will be locked for several months into the deepest of the deepest locks and will be below 5 BNB so this token has the chance to go absolutely parabolic!

1,000,000,000 Total supply
3% max wallet to prevent whales
1% max tx to prevent dumps

Tax 10% for buy & sell:
7% in DOGE reward
1% to locked liquidity pool
2***% to marketing and buyback***
Slippage is ~ 10-12%

Contract: 0xa6bfd81a1f0d4267825078c808b96f7f40e3088f
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa6bfd81a1f0d4267825078c808b96f7f40e3088f
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa6bfd81a1f0d4267825078c808b96f7f40e3088f#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE510CC2ac8393d4374d4c3250C3F2f529f064884
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2021.11.29 23:09 RLCD-Bot [Lime Octane] [Lime Octane: CRL Northern] [Aero Mage]

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2021.11.29 23:09 According_Ad_7059 My Players have climbed the mountain...how do they get down?

Like the title says, my players climbed a snowy stormy mountain to get to a Roc's nest. They did some roleplaying things like stealthing from the Roc, climbing a long stretch of handholds and ropes, and sidling along a very thin section of pathway. Since they'll likely slay the Roc this session, I'm left with the trouble of getting them down. Is this the kind of thing I should generally handwave, or should I make them climb back down? If so, how should I do it? My first thought is to create alternate pathways and dead ends and ask for survival checks since their guide (a revenant) will not be there for the return journey. I don't want to use the same obstacles and rolls twice. My second thought is to have the original way up destroyed as a result of the fight, and they'll have to "find a new way down."

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2021.11.29 23:09 CG364 What should my next class be or just tips on how to ne a better White Mage

So I have been playing through FFXIV as a White Mage I just recently hit level 80 and finished Shadowbringers. I am thinking about switching classes because I don't think that I am good as a WHM I picked the class because I usually play support in League and the JoCat video on healers. I just feel like I'm not really helping in dungeons anymore and just bringing the others down that I am playing with .
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2021.11.29 23:09 SilentSpace Living True Happiness NOW: Love, Peace, & Creativity. (Krishnamurti || Psychedelics)

Nov 29 Mon (NYC Time)
10 pm https://fb.me/e/21Tg2v2Fh
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2021.11.29 23:09 SharpShotLFCFan No Instagram. I don't

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2021.11.29 23:09 calefornia94 Am I wrong for wanting some fun after this stressful year?

My grandma passed away 2 weeks ago. Life is not the same now that she’s gone. The holidays aren’t the holidays. I’ve isolated myself. I’m at a point where I prefer to be at work than at home because once I’m off work, the depression comes in and I feel hopeless at home. I haven’t gone anywhere since she passed. Except to her house for thanksgiving which was disappointing. I’m just not up for that stuff or being at her house.
We haven’t been able to bury her. Not until the 10th. That day I was supposed to leave for the weekend for a festival. I can’t get a refund. It cost me $300. Even though I’d be missing out one day, I still wanna go. I just want a weekend where I can be away and take my mind off things.
But my parents are questioning if I’m gonna go since the funeral is a day before. Almost guilting me into not going. I already don’t go out. My first concert was just this year. I don’t have many friends so idk when I’d go again. Point is, should I feel guilty for still wanting to go? Am I wrong for just wanting to get away for a weekend? Should I even go?
Being inside just makes things harder for me. Along with my seasonal depression it’s overwhelming.
TLDR: feeling overwhelmed after a loss, should I still go away for a weekend?
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2021.11.29 23:09 enehta Possible to pause, remove strings, realign, and resume when print loses adhesion?

Today, on my new Ender 3 Pro, I was printing what is essentially a box (the tool holder on Thingiverse, holder part), but about 7 hours/70% in, it started losing adhesion and layers weren't sticking. Thankfully I caught it quickly and paused it before it got too spaghetti-y, and had to remove about 2-3 layers of not-quite-stuck PLA.
I tried some quick Googling and couldn't figure out whether there was a way to resume the printing down a few mm to make up for the layers I had to remove - so ended up stopping it.
However, for future reference, is there any way to pause a print, remove problem layers, and then adjust the nozzle height in the printer (not back in Cura) by however much was removed so I could potentially resume printing more-or-less where I left off?
Since this was a bunch of flat vertical walls, there wouldn't have been any worry about trying to print where there were no supports, and since it was going to go under my printer anyway, there was no worry about aesthetics. I considered adjusting the bed height upwards a bit when I resumed printing, but with the knobs it was going to be tricky to get it where I actually wanted it consistently for all four corners. Given what I was going to use the print for, it was fine as a partially-completed print, but next time I may not be so lucky.
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2021.11.29 23:09 RurikkHowlerJ2 To the lighthouse.

On xbox series x completed the mission and everything. Quest won't dissapear from quest log and says it's available. Killed about 30 animals and she just won't contact me? Any fix?
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