Tried trading lead between Guitar/EPiano

2021.10.19 07:20 BeautifulScarletRB Tried trading lead between Guitar/EPiano

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2021.10.19 07:20 Jaded_Price8279 Help an aspiring animator!

Hello! I'm a design student and illustrator who's really interested in getting into the world of animation and I want to find out everything there is! I'm so fascinated and moved and want to be a part of it in any way I can.
A few weeks ago, I saw this short film that absolutely moved me to tears. it's beautiful and inspiring and something for me to work towards for years to come. What software or process was this project created with? How can I get here one day?
Love, an inspired but passionate noob
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2021.10.19 07:20 ScootaManga Australian Lightsaber Companies?

I've been recently been looking into lightsabers and been looking at the usual lightsaber shops that everyone refers to like sabertrio, pachstore and so on, however because I'm Australian the shipping prices are insane on any lightsaber that I would want to buy so I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on Australian lightsaber companies?
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2021.10.19 07:20 StateGuilty Love

Is anybody else obsessed with Victoria’s acting in the 3rd season? She really is top tier. Absolutely love her character.
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2021.10.19 07:20 rajdhanetwal Dark brown particles in phlegm

39/M/Indian Quit smoking in feb this year No medical issue
Ocassionally have few dark particles in phlegm when trying to do deep throat clearing without coughing
This will happen immediately after quitting smoking just for few days then stopped
Now again started 15 days back after I encountered viral
Is it normal or what.....
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2021.10.19 07:20 perditatops things that would improve the sims4 for me

what would you guys like to see?
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2021.10.19 07:20 BeauhIsMyFavWord The Fucking Fear I Got When I Just Wanted A Gl Hair Style

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2021.10.19 07:20 fftjtrhjrdx Turkey tail chamomile:)

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2021.10.19 07:20 Hybrisov My water bill

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2021.10.19 07:20 Zealousideal-Rule-24 HUGE continuity error! ash was stabbed on her right in pathy's origin cinematic, but in her stfo she was stabbed on her lefy. this makes her literally unplayable. i say we boycott s11 and put the overworked devs under more stress, until they break the laws of the freakin universe and FIX THIS!!!!!

HUGE continuity error! ash was stabbed on her right in pathy's origin cinematic, but in her stfo she was stabbed on her lefy. this makes her literally unplayable. i say we boycott s11 and put the overworked devs under more stress, until they break the laws of the freakin universe and FIX THIS!!!!! submitted by Zealousideal-Rule-24 to apexlegends [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 07:20 sweetgrimme How to apply for a job after a gap?

I could really use some advice or guidance. I graduated college in 2019 but when I say I’m inexperienced, I’m really not kidding. My last job was also in 2019 and even then that was just retail work (the job before that too). I never had an internship and I don’t have any connections, so finding a job feels impossible. My short term goal was to start with something remote or temporary because I don’t want to burn out after being so used to doing so little. My resume feels so bland for a 24 year old and honestly I still don’t even know where I should start. I wish I could say I’ve been productive in my free time but I haven’t and I feel so guilty about it. I know I need to grow up so I’m going to reach out and ask what can someone in my situation do? Should I just submit the world’s shortest resume to various places and hope for the best, or is there some cheat code I don’t know about? What do I DO? Also, I wouldn’t know how to explain the 1-2 year gap during an interview. I’ve been severely depressed since graduating (diagnosed with manic depression/anxiety when I was young) but saying that aloud just feels like an excuse. I’m super lost and feeling embarrassed/vulnerable so don’t judge too hard please, I just want to get a grip. lol
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you
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2021.10.19 07:20 Novamarines Azrael Conversion WIP

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2021.10.19 07:20 poketrainer32 How can they be so close, but so far away?

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2021.10.19 07:20 Daddytookadump Is it bad to have multiple genres when starting music?

So I’m gonna be starting a music career here in a few months and I wanna make rap with rock beats. But for the first song I make I want it to be fully hiphop and I wanna have full hiphop songs thrown into the mix as well. Is this ok to do or should I only pick 1 style and stick to it?
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2021.10.19 07:20 pjfabros21 Teaching Yoga to Beginners

Teaching Yoga to Beginners

#teachingyogatobeginners, #yogaforbeginners, #teachingyoga, #yoga, #aurawellnesscenter,
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2021.10.19 07:20 saschito93 Monitoring Windows Autopilot deployment

Dear Community

I have a question, has anyone ever thought about monitoring the autopilot process centrally as well ?

We have the preview tab in the monitoring:

But I would like to set alerts if more than x enrollments failed, so as an example. Am grateful for tips on how I can somehow pull the data from the area here into a power app.

#intune #mem #autopilot
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2021.10.19 07:20 YeeHaw_72 Just a Muslim being Muslim.

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2021.10.19 07:20 Goobie267 pls nerf sora sakurai

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2021.10.19 07:20 InsertClevergamertag is there any way to read the chat of a game that ended?

someone sent me their discord in the chat but i did not have time to read it before chat disappeared. is there any way to see the chat after the game? sorry if this is a stupid question
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2021.10.19 07:20 Superb_Emotion2086 Cleared to begin the journey to running!

Hey guys I made it to 10 weeks and my physio says I should be able to begin running in 2 weeks. It's been a tough 3 months after my ACL and meniscus tear but finally made it! :)
This is your sign to not give up on your prehab/rehab!!
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2021.10.19 07:20 Liamneeson42 I’m not sure whether he’s learning or doesn’t know what’s hes doing

I (21 M), was talking to a guy (m 25 let’s call him Ed) for about 3 months. I should preface this by saying for multiple dates we were pretty romantically charged(making out and whatnot), we were pretty engaged except when he would text on his phone randomly which I didn’t think much of. After a while he started saying he loved me and I felt the same because we made a strong connection. I pop the question 2 times if he would want to start a relationship. He said both the first and second time he would have to think about it. But after the second time I asked I went to his car after we arrived at a food place and saw it there he had sent a shirtless picture in grindr.
I then just thought leaving then and there. When I told him what I saw he didn’t deny it and claimed it was for some fun and that he uses it to make connections. Now my expectations or what I think of them to be is when you start getting romantic or use the word “love” that carries the idea you’re exclusive and some heavy weight. Which I told him about and he brushed it off. After we got food I didn’t talk to Ed for 9 days until I reached out again and he asked why I wasn’t talking for a while.
I made it clear I felt like I was a side piece and that I felt it was kinda of disrespectful that he was just sending pictures to other men while saying he loved me. He countered with saying he didn’t mean to offend me since he using love pretty loosely with a lot of people and that doesn’t mean we are dating. I told him that with that understanding we are in two different places and that we need to just be friends then. He then says that’s fine and asks if we can still cuddle and kiss to which I said “Ed, I don’t hate you but I sure as hell do not want to get physical with you I reserve that for people who want me and I don’t even cuddle with my friends” Which I felt like he wasn’t even listening to me.
To which I get a lot of guilt ridden texts about how terrible he feels and that he wish he knew sooner
I know I should’ve spoken up earlier when we were going on a bunch of dating what I wanted in terms of a relationship. I don’t even know what I am supposed to feel after this point. He was telling me how terrible is he feeling and I feel really torn about how I handled but I also feel that I needed to stand my ground with him. He asked me if I would consider him when it came to dating when he was ready and I wasn’t sure how to answer him.
I will also note he has never dated a man and neither have I and we are both gay. Im not sure if I should just stop now and leave it the way it is or come back to it at a later date.
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2021.10.19 07:20 hanas_lin Petersburg: Save the date - Saturday, 11/20 = Soul Food Truck Fest!

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2021.10.19 07:20 Darth_Peregrine Me_IRLGBT

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2021.10.19 07:20 BlazingBlueButthole Best Buy Pikachu Help?!

Hi everybody not trying to make a sob post but due to a recent accident I'm bed confined and not able to visit bestbuy to get the codes, would any generous Pokéfriend be willing to give me a code?
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2021.10.19 07:20 A-Z-Tech Ender 3 pro - does the Part Cooling fan have to run all the time after first layers?

I upgraded my fans to noctua fans and upgraded the part cooling fan to this
I noticed that it turns on after the first couple of layers but stops running when the fan is set to 100%. I dont remember if the old part cooling fan was always running so I would like to know if its supposed to always be on. I'm paranoid I either bought a cheap fan or did the wiring wrong.
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