Thank you for your service… NOT!

2021.10.19 08:22 ageofultronisawful Thank you for your service… NOT!

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2021.10.19 08:22 Unfair_Indication402 Got adopted by this cute criminal today.... ;)

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2021.10.19 08:22 proxygate Is this an Ebay Scam?

Been away from the whole ebay thing for almost 10 years so I'm not really up to date on the current ebay scams. I recently bought a turn signal switch after mine went out and I couldn't find a current seller on forums for one. a couple hours later I get a message from seller that they shipped the wrong switch and they will be sending the 2nd package with the right one asap but I should not accept the first package when it is going to be delivered. This sounds very fishy and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this before? This all just happened today? so should I wait and just accept the 1st package and open it file a claim for wrong item? I do not want to end up getting screwed.
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2021.10.19 08:22 indigogo100 I want her jacket so badly can you PLEASE put it in shop? Her nose & lips are so nice and would be a great refresh for the game to put some faces like a lot of the new LKWD bots. Like Dio and Aphrodite, or the twins from the skatepark, or Nell. My friends and I would buy that up in a heartbeat.

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2021.10.19 08:22 ItsMeRPeter MS Outlook notification only after 2nd unread e-mail - Android

Hello all, I don't push every notification to my watch, but the e-mails are exception. I noticed I'm notified on my Polar device about a new e-mail only if I already have at least one unread/new mail in the account. Sounds odd, but if there is no unread mail, the watch won't buzz for the new incoming mail, however the phone lets me know I have news. I don't know if it's Outlook or Flow related. Do you use MS Outlook on Android, and if so, do you face similar misbehaviour?
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2021.10.19 08:22 gao-um We saw the Spiderman quote awhile back, now it's Squid Game.

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2021.10.19 08:22 Bachtranhn04 This guy completely destroyed walibear
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2021.10.19 08:22 ZoobBot 180702

This is the 180702nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.19 08:22 kylenowski In Ear Monitor Ear Buds ($700) - ASI Audio's 3DME BT Bluetooth In Ear Monitor System. A necessity for your live performance, enter today for your chance to win - {US} (10/31/2021)

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2021.10.19 08:22 DisciplineBorn 🎮 HyperChain X 🧩 The Next-Gen Gaming Ecosystem On The Blockchain!!

What is HyperChain X 🧩
👑 HyperChain X is the world’s first community-driven token platform in the gaming industry. We are the next-gen gaming platform, and we provide our users with new opportunities for gamers, eSport teams, content creators and investors, by connecting multi-billion-dollar industries. The gaming and cryptocurrency industries are two individual multi-billion-dollar platforms and HyperChain X is infusing them together to create an extraordinary and unique experience for its users.
🏆 Our goal is to develop an all-in-one crypto gaming platform that consists of gaming elements such as one vs. one high stake battles, buy-in tournaments, live streams, league creation options for eSport teams and a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that is common in the gaming industry. HyperChain X believes in investing in the future of gaming.
🗓 We’ve got HUGE marketing tactics planned!
💎 Big buy backs! 💎
🔥 Big Marketing wallet 🔥
🛡️ Milestones 🛡️
⚔️ Marketing Phase 1
⚔️ HYPER tracker app release
⚔️ First NFT presentation with big name
⚔️ NFT marketplace development
⚔️ Loyalty points rewards
💰 Link Buy 💰
📃Contract Address:0xabC834D74e75826828c49fe4474AB74F7575BDB1
🧁 Pancakeswap:
🔒Liquidity Lock:
♟️ Resources ♟️
🌐 Website:
💬 Telegram:
🐦 Twitter:
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2021.10.19 08:22 Micro_Mimi NIAC recommends vaccine boosters for over 60s ·

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2021.10.19 08:22 MarshyBarsh Can you stack more damage with max resource builds?

Shouldn’t max stat foods give max resource the edge in damage over weapon/spell damage?
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2021.10.19 08:22 _grif-_ I cooked :)

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2021.10.19 08:22 chuuuumby so harlequin crest shako just frigging dropped for me from one of baals mini bosses, is it worth socketing?

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2021.10.19 08:22 GSturges Just a gentle reminder that even Danny gets nervous sometimes....

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2021.10.19 08:22 parsa_jom If anyone liked to talk with me about biology, evolution and/or be friends I'd like to talk

Dm me
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2021.10.19 08:22 GodSave_TheQueen Our systems having some problems right now, please try again in a few minutes

Has anybody else ran into this issue? Was working two days ago and cashed out my weekly payment. Stopped working yesterday. Now I'm out of gas at two in the morning and I haven't eaten. The worst part is that I have 37 dollars in Uber that I just..can't cash out. Tried signing out. Deleting. App is updated. Tried on the webpage. Tried on someone else's phone. Tried calling Uber support.
Someone please help. Lol
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2021.10.19 08:22 MidnightQ_ Finally found one of my all-time favourite items. Storm Lash!

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2021.10.19 08:22 Apprehensive_Sleep_4 Small minority of U.S. Olympians oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandate, say officials

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2021.10.19 08:22 prettyborrring Who is the person/executive in entertainment companies that makes the decisions on which movies get to be made?

I'm interested in getting into the entertainment industry, but from the business side rather than the entertainment side.
Who in Walt Disney Studios, for example, is the one who decides what direction the studio is going to go and which movies get greenlit? Obviously you have the President, but I was thinking on a bit of a lower level. And what are some of the typical "entry-level" positions that feed into that?
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2021.10.19 08:22 stayrobble world Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.19 08:22 kyivgirl OnlyFans Polly Pure - Fetish Shoot Black Lingerie 208 pics

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2021.10.19 08:22 TheNationNeedsNixon Dennis Prager got COVID

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2021.10.19 08:22 Wiil-Waal Why our people don’t adress the bigger problem (radicalisation)?

You will here everywhere Somalis discussing about politics and how foreigners invade our country e.t.c and they talk with passion about those topics but it is very rare to hear people discussing about how our people become more radical in the past 30 years, the worst thing is a lot of people think to become a good muslim you have to be a radical, hating jews is a normal thing in our society and people who are not muslim. We dream to have a modern nation but despise to become modern people
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2021.10.19 08:22 RonTheRatKing Lol get rekt snowflake 😎

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